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So there are going to be multiple sections for this page that go over introductory stuff and what exactly biking can be.

Bike Styles

Bikes today have a lot of different styles! For the most part the style determines what the bike is going to used for. But some styles are an artistic representation and a way to push bike styling to its limits. The first image in this colum is a futuristic type look to a bike, and it's purpose is just to be a form of art but also be a bike at the same time. Other styles like this are like the folding bike that was widely used in the 2000's, or the bike that was made entirely out of cardboard! However this cardboard isn't cardboard that amazon would ship out, this is heavy duty cardboard.

Picture of futureistic bike Picture of Foldable Bike Picture of Cardboard bike

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is a huge thing. You can essentially do it anywhere there is woods, hills, anywhere there is no road basically! Mountain biking is a sport of its self because it involves dangerous riding of bikes in some spots, and you have to be alert at all times. You also have to have a lot of strength to be able to pedal your way up steep hills. Mountain biking doesn't exactly mean that you must biking on a "mountain", there's actually quite a different versions of mountain biking such as: cross country cycling, all-mountain, downhill, four-cross/duel slalom, freeride, dirt jumping, trials, urban/street, trail riding, marathon, and bikepacking. These are such things mountain biking can include! If you would like to read more on mountain biking click the button below!

Picture of Mountain Biking

Exercise Biking

Excercise biking is basically road biking. It's where you ride you bike, typically at a more energy burning rate than a casual stroll, and this is a form of exercising. This kind of biking is a lot like running where you do it for the excersise. The bikes used for this can be mountain bikes, and road bikes. You don't typically want any other kind of bike mainly because these two are what are designed for such activities because they have gears. Some bikes don't have gears and those typically are either kids bikes, or casual road bikes. However this type of excside is most often used with stationary bikes. If you would like to read more on excerise on stationary bikes click the button below!

Picture of Stationary Bike

Bike Racing

Bike racing is another sport that is associated with bikes. Bike racing is the identical twin to running races. Bike racing is it's own sport, but it also can be with a triatholon where the racer has to race other people on land, so running and biking, and in water, so swimming. Bike racing is a very popular activity because it's fast, and it's a good excersise. There are 5 major bike races: The grand Tours, UCI World Tour, Olympic Games, Paris-Rouen, and Tour de France. However these are not the only bike races, there are often bike races that take place with running races. If you would like to read more about bike racing click the button below!

Picture of Racing Bike

Fat Tire Biking

Fat tire biking is a reletivly new type of biking. This type of biking is more for the extreme terrains, such as beaches, snow, and other types of terrain that can't be rode on with a traditional mountain bike. Fat tire biking is the all terrain type of biking. This type of biking can be used like mountain biking, but can go further than most mountain bikes. The fat tire bike is called that because it has oversized tires, these tires are what enable it to be able to be rode over snow, sand, and deep leaves/dirt. Most mountain bikes have thinner tires that sometimes can not go through deeper sand and snow without loosing balance, and that's where this bike comes into play. If you would like to read more about fat tire bikes click the button below!

Picture of Fat tire Bike

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are a new thing that have started to rise in popularity. This type of bikes uses a electric motor that helps propell the bike forward. This bike isn't like a motorcycle because you still have to pedal, the electric motor helps the pedaling. Hence why one of the major reasons these are becomming more popular is because people who are older can use these easier, and this type of bike can sometimes replace certain mopeds that use fossil fuel. That's one of the big push factors in countries like China. If you would like to read more about electric bikes click the button below!

Picture of Electric Bike